Nipro Diagnostics Receives CE mark for TRUEresult twist 2 blood glucose monitoring system

Tuesday, 17th December 2013

Brussels, BELGIUM – December 17th, 2013 – Nipro Europe (Head Office: Brussels, Belgium) announced today the CE certification of the new blood glucose monitoring system, TRUEresult twist 2. The TRUEresult twist 2 meter offers new advanced monitoring features and will utilize the current TRUEresult test strip platform with no-coding technology. Nipro Europe will launch the new TRUEresult twist 2 meter in the first half of 2014.

Big features have been added to the small size of the TRUEresult twist2 meter

Features of the TRUEresult twist 2 blood glucose meter include a memory for up to 500 results with date- and time indication, 7-, 14-, 30- day averaging for more advanced and insightful tracking. New download capabilities with Micro USB cable allow people with diabetes and healthcare professionals to track results and see trends. TRUEresult twist 2 demonstrated accurate performance in the hands of both healthcare professionals and first-time users and exceeds the minimum accuracy criteria defined in the new, more rigorous, EN ISO 15197:2013 standard.

“Big features have been added to the small size of the TRUEresult twist 2 meter. These valuable, advanced new features simplify and promote more frequent testing enabling people with diabetes to take better control of their diabetes,” said Kurt Val Dal, President of the Board / CEO of Nipro Europe Group Companies. “With this new addition to our Diabetes Care product offering, we are continuing to deliver on our promise of providing people with diabetes and our business partners with high quality, cutting edge products.”

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