Frequently Asked Questions

  • + Can TRUEmanager be installed on a server? Yes. While you are running the setup, a screen will prompt you to select a home version for a single user or the PRO version as the network version.
  • + How much memory should my computer have to run the program? 512MB is the minimum, 1GB is recommended.
  • + How long does the average meter download take? About 40 seconds
  • + Once I download my results, can I send them to my doctor? - Your blood glucose results may now be saved directly to a PDF file in TRUEmanager, and you can send this file to your healthcare professional. The export to PDF feature is under the drop down menu and on the quick start tool bar. - You can also print your reports and share them during your next visit with your diabetes healthcare professional.
  • + How many results will the TRUEmanager program store? For a single user, it can store approximately 12 million results.
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