Frequently Asked Questions

  • + What is the TRUEyou Blood Glucose Testing System? Used to test blood glucose levels, the TRUEyou is our no coding advanced technology platform meter; our TRUEyou System is perfect for patients with all types of diabetes.
  • + What is different about the TRUEyou System? The TRUEyou System uses no coding technology, has advanced features such as results in as fast as 4 seconds, a small 0.5 µL blood sample, and a 500 test result memory with date and time to name a few. This testing system shares its test strip platform with the TRUEyou mini Blood Glucose Meter.
  • + What is no coding? The TRUEyou family of systems (TRUEyou and TRUEyou mini) are all no coding systems and do not require you to perform an extra step to match up your meter with your test strips. Just insert and test.
  • + What strips do I use for the TRUEyou meter? TRUEyou meters use TRUEyou test strips only. The TRUEyou Test Strips can also be used with the TRUEyou mini meter.
  • + How do I set up my TRUEyou blood glucose meter? Please refer to your owner’s booklet included with your meter.
  • + How do I calibrate my TRUEyou blood glucose meter? Coding is not necessary, TRUEyou is a no code blood glucose meter.
  • + How do I use my TRUEyou blood glucose meter? Please refer to your owner’s booklet included with your meter.
  • + Can the TRUEyou blood glucose meter be used to test on alternative test sites? Yes. TRUEyou family of meters are suitable for fingertip and forearm testing.
  • + Are special lancets required when testing with the TRUEyou blood glucose meter? No. We recommend the TRUEdraw lancing device for greater comfort and control to be used with our TRUEplus Sterile Lancets.
  • + I am on peritoneal dialysis, can I use this system? Yes, the TRUEyou family of products uses the GDH-FAD enzyme which is glucose specific and will not interfere with your dialysis solution used during peritoneal dialysis. Please consult your instructions for use under "Limitations/Warnings" for additional details.
  • + Are there any conditions where this blood glucose system may not be suitable? Yes. Do not use the TRUEyou family systems during a xylose absorption test. This may falsely raise glucose results. Please check with your doctor before using the TRUEyou system.
  • + Does the TRUEyou meter have memory? Does the meter store my results? Yes. The TRUEyou has a 500 test result memory with date and time and averaging of results. The meter will also upload glucose results into our TRUEmanager software program.
  • + Can I upload my blood glucose meter data into a data management system? Yes. The TRUEyou blood glucose meter uses TRUEmanager Diabetes Management Software. A cable/docking station may be purchased separately.
  • + What kind of batteries does the TRUEyou meter use? The TRUEyou meter uses a non-rechargeable 3V lithium battery (#CR2032).
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